Virtual monument to Satoshi Nakamoto in Kyiv

September, 29, 2018, Kyiv, Ukraine
Last Saturday there was a celebration of the virtual monument opening to Satoshi Nakamoto in Kyiv. The ceremony opened the Founder of Satoshi Nakamoto Republic Satoshi Nakamoto Republic, - Alexander Soroka

Alexander shared ideas concerning the historical background of the first virtual monument’s installation and why exactly Ukraine has became the first country honored the founder of Bitcoin in such a way.

Andrey Moroz was appointed on the position of Mayor of virtual Kyiv city.

Installation of the virtual monument in Kyiv is a symbol of new era of virtualization of modern cities.

To see the monument you have to download the application.

Among the opportunities of the App are:

- Panoramic view 360’

- Selfie with the virtual Satoshi

As new virtual objects are added, their browsing will be available in the Satoshi Monument application.

In the nearest future, the application will be supplemented with an option of purchasing of virtual plots of land for installing augmented reality objects.

The second virtual monument will be installed in Los Angeles (USA), on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, November, 3, 2018. The idea of creating new monuments emerged as a result of partnership between Satoshi Nakamoto Republic and Younk, the first community music label on blockchain. Pavlo Yelizarov and Andrey Dakhovskyy became the founders of Los Angeles and Miami virtual monuments.

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How it was: have a look at Photo- and Video report from the place of the event.