The Mayor of Kyiv has announced the land sell on the Maidan Nezalezhnosti

Initiator of the Project Satoshi Nakamoto Republic the Mayor of Virtual Kyiv, - Andrii Morozhas announced the beginning of the sale of virtual land. Anyone can buy the land on the central square of the capital of Ukraine. As Andrii says:

...AR/VR technologies is our future.Today it's even hard to imagine how rapidly our world is changing. I can guess, that at the moment, the society could be shocked by the things we are doing, but we are not afraid, we are motivated, because the history has a lot of examples of the technological progress, which at the initial stage were perceived extremely skeptical.

Incredible inventions are being developed not in one day and not always by lonely geniuses. As it shown on practice, without experiments and constant improvement of the technology there is no miracle to come. This way is not easy, and sometimes lasts for many-many years. Our aim is to get ahead the time. Now we see that a lot of companies are using AR/VR technologies, but it doesn't mean that this direction has no perspectives.

It is always important to think about the basis, which has become the starting point of the innovation in science and technology sphere, and to be grateful for it. It happens that all the honor gets not the inventor, but person, who developed the idea to the product stage.

The main idea of the project Satoshi Nakamoto Republic is the virtualization of cities and uniting them into the Virtual Republic. Probably you already know our project of virtual monuments? installation: 11 virtual statues were established in the USA (follow the link to get more details and photos) , Switzerland and Ukraine, Kyiv ( Photo-report , Video-report , Post-release) but it is only the part of our global concept.

Now Satoshi Nakamoto Republic is launching the platform of the virtual land sell, which could be used either for the virtual objects installation for business purposes or for the personal virtualization and creation of the individual virtual avatar. This avatar could become the part of the virtual social network in future.

Values and benefits:

- Affordable price for the virtual land purchase

- Secure transaction and issuing of the certificate of ownership of the virtual land plot

- Free placement of a virtual object

- Choosing of the best land plots on the presale stage

- Innovative advertisement format of the business, goods or services

- Opportunity to create a virtual consultant for your business

The price on the land plot of 100 m2 is starting of $50.

Pre-sale has already started.

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