Los Angeles, August 24, 2018 - Los Angeles and Miami are soon to host the new generation of monuments. We plan to blow you out of the water completely. How does the Augmented Reality monument sound? We’ll take you one step further - a monument to a persona of the future instead of someone from the past.

This time Younk has partnered with Satoshi Nakamoto Republic to make it happen. Guys are building a large community of the founders of virtual cities. The first monument to Nakamoto will be unveiled in Kyiv, Ukraine later this fall.

Why do we do it? We feel like everybody should know how blockchain technology will change our lives. And how it will drive the whole world into the future. The name of Satoshi - inventor of the first cryptocurrency Bitcoin, is the vanguard behind the introduction of the blockchain technology, which could completely change all industries. By introducing blockchain into music, Younk helps bring quality product to the market improving people's well-being through the idea of sharing royalties.

Younk is a platform, created to modernize the music industry allowing the artists to benefit from the community support. The audience has a chance now to discover, support and benefit from the music hits! This was not possible before. Younk’s mission is to provide access to community and artists to create better music together, utilizing the latest advancements of blockchain technology

Our philosophy is based on the basic right of every musician and music fan across the globe to have an equal opportunity to access the music industry and to benefit from it. Satoshi Nakamoto is not a concrete person. In fact, we don’t know is it he or she, or maybe a group of IT-specialists, or even an Artificial Intelligence. That’s why we’ve decided to merge Augmented Reality with some creative ideas just to make sure you don’t get bored. Gotten turnt yet? Get ready to take some crazy pics, for real!

Ever thought of setting up a monument in your city?