Soon the first monument to Satoshi Nakamoto
will be erected in Ukraine on the site of the monument to Lenin

Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, will become the first city of the world, where the monument to a man of the future, but not the past, as it usually happens, will be erected. Now the process of discussing the project of the monument is taking place

The name of Satoshi Nakamoto is known almost to everyone. The person, who invented Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency, the novator, who found the implementation of the blockchain technology, which could completely change the world and the society in the nearest future.

Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?

The singularity of the idea is added by the fact, that person, hidden under the name of Satoshi Nakamoto is for certain unknown.

Some people suggest, that Satoshi Nakamoto is a group of people or even an artificial intellect.

The erection of the monument to Satoshi Nakamoto in Kyiv will held in several stages:
  • On the first stage the virtual monument (visible through the mobile app) will be erected.
  • The second stage: to submit the petition to Kyiv City State Administration & start the fundraising campaign for the real monument installation.

In case the permission for the monument installation will be received, it will be erected in Kyiv, on boulevard Shevchenko, on the site of the monument to Lenin.

In case the petition will be declined, the monument to Satoshi Nakamoto will be erected on another location. Now there is a wave of interest on the part of business to erect the monument on one of the territories of the contemporary technological business centers of Kyiv.


The erection of monuments - is a first stage of the global project, which includes the Virtual Decentralized Blockchain Republic foundation, with the center in Satoshi Nakamoto City.MORE DETAILS

The Embassies of the Republic will be established in cities that have shown interest in realization of the idea. Ambassadors from the different parts of the world will represent the interests of the Republic and supervise the process of building monuments.

Crypto-Angels and Ambassadors who they are?
Alexander Soroka

Funds, for the first virtual monument installation, in amount of 1 Bitcoin were backed by the initiator of the project, - Alexander Soroka, who became the Crypto-Angel of Kyiv*.

The post of the First Ambassador of the Republic** was taken by Andrey Moroz , who presents the interests of the Satoshi Nakamoto Republic in the capital of Ukraine.

*Crypto-Angels or backers - persons who are allocating funds for the erection of monuments and for the Republic foundation will get Satoshi Tokens as a gratitude. They’ll have the opportunity to exchange Satoshi Tokens to virtual citizenship or sell them in future.

**An Ambassador of the Republic - the person, who is involving Crypto-Angel, who will invest 1 Bitcoin for the monument installation in the city he represents, or who is investing by himself. An Ambassador represents the interests of the Republic after its foundation.

How to become an Ambassador?

The future Republic is searching now Ambassadors and Crypto-Angels from different parts of the world. For more details how to become an Ambassador, please, visit: HOW TO BECOME AN AMBASSADOR

If you want to install the monument in your city or you are interested in obtaining the virtual citizenship of the Republic, please, fill in the form with your contact information LINK

Or follow us on Facebook: We’ll inform you about the start of fundraising campaign an the launch of Satoshi Tokens sale.

The foundation of the Republic and perspectives of the development

If the Republic will raise enough funds during the campaign, these financial resources will be used for the tropical island purchasing. The city will be founded there & the biggest monument will be installed in Satoshi Nakamoto City. All the citizens will have the right to attend the city, participate in congresses and communications. MORE DETAILS

example of an island